“Curiosity killed the cat”

As so weeps the  little rat

I asked the reason of such sorrow

“Cause you will be free tomorrow.”



The rat cried suddenly “Hey c’mon

That’s the way I have to go on

To be chased by cats, it’s my fate

I need a new one before it’s too late.”


Loving heart
The loving heart, no wings to fly
The seeing eyes that seem to cry
The angry words that tend to tie
The anticipations in a goodbye

The stupid mind that fall in love
The grey sunshine that gaze above
I believe the chances that I draw
Either to live in misery or to die

As love embraces

Are those the waves that hit me down?

Are those the foams that whirl around?

Your eyes are  the deeps of deepest oceans

Your soft lips softens the whistling sound

I am the burning ships of shining suns

You are the glimpsing shadows of stars

We are the slaves of unforgettable moments

We are the victims of unthinkable loves